1. What is Vent Haven Museum?

2. Who founded Vent Haven Museum?

3. How do I schedule a tour?

4. When is the museum open?

5. Can I make a donation to the museum?

6. How can I find out more about the Vent Haven ConVENTion?

7. What do I need to know before visiting the museum?

8. How do I get to the museum?

9. How do I contact the museum?

10. How can I pay for my tour?

Vent Haven Museum

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Frequently Asked Questions

7. What do I need to know before visiting the museum?

We hope you will find a visit to Vent Haven Museum to be an enjoyable one. In order to maximize your enjoyment of the museum, please keep the following in mind:

  1. With the exception of announced events, the museum is open by appointment only. At least three days' advanced notice is required in order to schedule an appointment. Please be aware that even then some tour times may not be available.
  2. The museum does not have public restrooms and has only limited handicapped accessibility.
  3. Videotaping and non-flash photography for personal use only is permitted during tours. However, flash photography is not permitted, and filming or photography for any other use must be approved in advance by the Vent Haven Museum Board of Directors.
  4. Children (and some adults, for that matter) should be reminded prior to arriving for a tour that no figures may be touched or handled in any way. Parents may want to consider whether children under the age of seven are old enough to enjoy Vent Haven Museum since it is not a hands-on museum.
  5. With the exception of announced special events, all tours are guided tours, which last approximately 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the interest of the visitor.