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Gallery One: Vent Haven during Berger's lifetime 

While Berger was always proud of his "fabulous collection" of ventriloquist figures, visitors say he was nearly as proud of the elaborate landscaping on the grounds of Vent Haven. The first seven photos on this page are of the exterior of 33 West Maple (Vent Haven) in Fort Mitchell as it looked during Berger's lifetime:
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The following 10 photos are of Berger's "fabulous collection": 

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After setting up Vent Haven as a museum in order to ensure the preservation of his collection, Berger oversaw construction of a "Museum Building" in October of 1963. This building, which today is referred to as "Building Three," "The Schoolroom," and/or as the "Josephine Berger Memorial Building," can be seen as it looked under construction in the photos below.

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