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Gallery Three: Vent Haven today

The following nine photos show some of the exhibits from each of the three main buildings in the museum.

  Building Two (The Garage): This is the first stop on a guided tour of the museum. 

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Building One (The W.S. Berger Memorial Building): This building is the second stop on the guided tour of the museum, and it contains many of the more recognizable figures in the collection. Among the figures in the next few photos, you will find replicas of figures used by Edgar Bergen and Paul Winchell. You can also see Jimmy Nelson's Farfel the Dog from the Nestle's Quik commercials, and Waylon Flowers' Madame.

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Building Three (The Josephine Berger Building, or "The Schoolroom"): This is the final stop on the guided tour of the museum. The majority of the figures in this building are arranged according to figuremaker in a schoolroom-like setting. 

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