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Gallery Six: Frank Marshall (11 images)

If the United States were a nation populated primarily by ventriloquists, Frank Marshall's face would surely grace its currency. No single individual did more to influence the art of ventriloquism as popular entertainment in America, touching the lives of many professional vents who went on to great success. He made the dummies that these vents magically brought to life. Many of Marshall's creations went on to great fame: Danny O'Day, Jerry Mahoney, Farfel--these characters epitomized his distinctive style. Fans can recognize a Marshall dummy anywhere: the heavily lined eye, the smiling "cheeky boy" features.

                                                  from Dummy Days, by Kelly Asbury

Below are two photos of Frank Marshall himself (the second is Marshall in a snapshot with vent Les Lester, Sr.) and several photos of vents with their prized figures, all of whom were carved by Frank Marshall. Hopefully, the photographs demonstrate both the similarity in style of Marshall's work as well as the wide variety of his work.

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Photo descriptions (Figures in red are residents of Vent Haven.):

1. George McAthy and "Corny." 1943.
2. Harry Royale and a female Marshall figure. Photo by Conner-Geddes.
3. Dick Bruno (Monsieur Brunard) and "Joe Flip." 
4. Jimmie Craig ("The Great Gabbo") and "Jerry O'Brien."
5. Bob Isaacson with "Orville Sweet" (left) and "Speedy Wheeler." 1965. Photo by George Elliot.
6. Peter Rich and "Oscar." Photo by Bruno of Hollywood.
7. George Boyce and "Tommy." 1925.
8. Kenny Warren and "Joey." 1970. Photo by James J. Kriegmann.
9. Judge Alan Farber and "Chuck Davis."  

Dummy Days: America's Favorite Ventriloquists from Radio and Early TV
by Kelly Asbury
foreword by Leonard Maltin
afterword by Jeff Dunham

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