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Vent Haven Museum

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Gallery Two: Vent Haven (1973-1974)

Vent Haven Museum opened to the public in 1973. The most recent building constructed on the museum grounds, referred to today as either "Building One" or the "W.S. Berger Memorial Building," was completed in 1973 and on June 30 of that year was dedicated by such luminaries as Edgar Bergen and Jimmy Nelson. Bergen and Nelson entertained those who came to the dedication of the museum by performing on a flat bed truck that was pulled into the street in front of the museum. The following photos are from that dedication ceremony.

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After the dedication ceremony was over, visitors were allowed to tour the newly arranged Vent Haven Museum. Original museum curator Susan DeFalaise (who can also be seen speaking in one of the photos above) led visitors on a tour of the museum. Note the hands on nature of the museum when it first opened!

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Below is a photo of 33 West Maple (Vent Haven) as it looked at the time of the opening of the museum.   

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