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Gallery Eleven: Leonardo (8 images)

South American ventriloquist Leonardo (His real name was Horatio M. Ortega ) and his wife Anita entertained thousands all around the world with the paper mache figures that Leonardo created himself. Vent Haven Museum is proud to have six of Leonardo's figures in its possession, and his figures often draw comments from visitors about their life-like nature.

The third photo below shows W.S. Berger, founder of Vent Haven Museum, with Leonardo's paper mache figure of the famous Spanish ventriloquist Senor Wences. The figure has Wences' famous "Johnny" on one hand and has a telephone in another hand. 

The final photo below includes the April, 2005 Vent Haven Museum Figure of the Month, Maisie, blowing a bubble with the trick balloon installed in the figure.

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