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Gallery 17: 1976 Vent Haven ConVENTion (10 images)

Beginning in 1976, the "official" photographer of the annual Vent Haven ConVENTion was ventriloquist and conVENTioneer  Arty Freda. Arty (pictured in the photo to the left with fellow vents Jimmy Nelson and Johnny Main) took the group photo at the conVENTion and also took candid shots throughout the week. He then compiled a scrapbook photo album which was presented to the Vent Haven Museum curator. This tradition continued every year through 1990. Vent Haven Museum is the proud custodian of these photo albums, and gladly shares some of the photos from the original 1976 photo album on this page.

Webmaster's Note: It has been pointed out that at least one of these photos (Ray Guyll with Jacko) was taken at the 1975 ConVENTion. Thanks, Ray, for correcting this bit of misinformation.


 Photo Descriptions:
1. (l-r) Jimmy Nelson, Arty Freda, Johnny Main
2. Jimmy Nelson with Danny O'Day head
3. Jimmy Nelson and Farfel
4. Bill DeMar and Happy Hobie
5. Ray Guyll
6. Bill Boley
7. Johnny Main and Archie
8. Jimmy Nelson, Don Bryan, and Noseworthy
9. Ray Guyll and Jacko
10. Johnny Main and Archie with Arty Freda

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