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Vent Haven Museum

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Gallery 18: 1986 Vent Haven ConVENTion (11 images)

The 1986 Vent Haven ConVENTion was held from June 25 through June 28. On Wednesday the 25th, the conVENTion hosted a "Night Before" show with performances by Ken Lucas and Jeff Dunham. Thursday featured a number of lectures by Liz VonSeggen, Verna Finley, and Ronn Lucas, among others, and a Gospel Vent Show emceed by Clinton Detweiler and featuring VonSeggen, Dave Winchell, and Paul Everett.

Friday included lectures throughout the day and featured a Friday afternoon show emceed by Gary Owen and featuring Laura Allured, Bob and Cathy Gibbons, and Dale Brown. The final day of the conVENTion began with breakfast and a roast of Vent of the Year Ronn Lucas, followed by what was then a staple of the conVENTion, the awards ceremony. After a matinee kids' show featuring Bob Jepson, Mark Wade, David Ginn, and Bob and Cathy Gibbons, conVENTioneers took their annual pilgrimage to Vent Haven Museum, followed by the final event of the conVENTion, the All Star Show, emceed by Mark Wade and featuring Gary Owen, Bob Jepson, Kohl and Co., and Ronn Lucas.

All of this was captured on film by conVENTioneer and official photographer Arty Freda, who donated a photo album of highlights to Vent Haven Museum. Some of the best pictures from that photo album are included here below.

Bob Rumba

Clinton Detweiler

John Brooking

President of Vent Haven Museum

Jeff Dunham

Jeff with a human "figure"

Mark Wade

Ronn Lucas

Ronn with Buffalo Billy

Group Shot

From left clockwise: Ken Lucas, Ronn Lucas, Unknown, Judge Alan Farber

Judge Alan Farber and Ronn Lucas

Judy Buch

Dave Fleming

Marshall Group Shot

l to r: John Arvites, Jimmy Nelson, Gary Owen, Johnny Main, Dave Fleming, Unknown


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