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Figure of the Month
March 2006: George the Crow


Figure Name: George

Date Created: 1953

Created by: Harold J. Scott

Used by: Stu Scott

1. George (and his partner Barney) joined the Vent Haven collection in 1980.
2. This was the original George the Crow, used by professional ventriloquist Stu Scott.
3. George and Stu were usually joined onstage by a similar figure, Barney the Bullfrog.
4. Figuremaker Harold J. Scott was Stu's father.
5. In 1957, Scott's father created a duplicate of both George the Crow and Barney the Bullfrog. However, those duplicates were stolen from Stu's car in 1964 while it was parked in Lubbock, Texas.
6. Scott had George and Barney copied in latex rubber by Don Post, and Scott performed with the latex figures until his death.
7. George is on display in Building One of the museum. He is not visible in any of the QuickTime Virtual Pans of the Museum.

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