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Gallery14: New at Vent Haven (17 images)

Six new exhibits were given their premieres at the 2005 Vent Haven ConVENTion on Saturday, July 16. Pictured immediately below are three photos of a newly created Jimmy Nelson exhibit, featured prominently in Building One of the museum. The third picture in the set shows Jimmy and Betty Nelson on the Wednesday before the conVENTion when they were surprised with the exhibit.

The second set below shows the special exhibit in Building Four this year, a tribute to figuremakers George and Glenn McElroy, complete with the legendary McElroy umpire. The umpire, photographs, and artifacts on display were all on temporary loan to the museum, so if you missed them at the ConVENTion, the photos below may be your only chance to see them.

As you may already know, the art of ventriloquism lost two important figures this year, magician/vent Jay Marshall, who with his gloved "figure" Lefty entertained thousands, and most notably, the great Paul Winchell, who with his Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff kept children laughing for decades. Each was honored with a temporarily expanded exhibit.

Finally, there were two other new exhibits premiered this summer, a soft figure display that honors the growing importance of soft figures in ventriloquism, and an exhibit showcasing figures donated from July of 2004 to June of 2005. Photos of all of these exhibits are presented below.

Jimmy Nelson Exhibit
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Special Exhibit in Building Four: The McElroy Brothers

Special Exhibit: In Memory of Paul Winchell

Three other exhibits: In Memory of Jay Marshall, Soft Figures, and New Donations

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