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Gallery 15: Senor Wences (11 images)

Wenceslao Moreno, better known to the world as Senor Wences, was a Spanish-born ventriloquist, juggler, and plate-spinner, who appeared on numerous television variety shows. He was most known for his appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show; in fact, he appeared on that show more times than any other performer.

Unlike many vents, who changed their material in order to keep audience attention, Wences performed basically the same material at each performance. The audience didn't care though, any more than an audience might care that a concert pianist played the same signature piece each night. The audience appreciated watching a master in action.

The two best known figures of Wences were Johnny and Pedro, both of which were unusual, non-standard figures. Johnny's face was Wences's curled up hand, with "lips" painted on the corner of his thumb and forefinger, and Pedro was just a head in a box that spoke with a deep, gravely voice. But with their signature lines (Johnny: "Deefeecult for you, easy for me"--Pedro: "S'Aright") and with Wences's rapid fire dialogue, Senor Wences became one of the most well know and most successful ventriloquists of all time.

The images above represent just some of the photos of Wences from the Vent Haven collection. Also in the collection is a napkin which Wences made into a swan and signed for Vent Haven founder W.S. Berger.


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